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The construction of Huzhou Science and Technology City(HSTC) is a strategic plan that Huzhou municipal party committee and municipal government implement the five development concepts of "innovation, co-ordination, greenness, openness and sharing" and strengthen innovation-driven development and promote the economic restructuring in the new development stage, also it is important the measure of upgrading, integration, construction of modern ecotype lake city.

Around the goal of "science and technology core", "intelligence-gathered valley", "dream factory", "city of high-speed rail," HSTC speeds up to erect the core, recruit projects, attract talents, build platform, cultivate industry and optimize environment, spares no effort to build scientific and technological innovation highland, talents gathering highland, achievement transformation highland and City-Industry Integration highland. We will work hard for HSTC to develop into a modern ecological science and technology city that has globally and nation-wide influence, has the most distinctive features in the Yangtze River Delta, and playing a decisive role in the construction of an innovative province in Zhejiang Province Ecological Technology City.

HSTC combines Huzhou industrial base, plays transportation advantages, focuses on the development of three leading industries of new energy automobile, biological medicine and information economics, vigorously nurture technology service industry, make “3+1”modern industry system, provide power source for the whole development of  Huzhou City.

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